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Talking about yourself.

Ever got the question from somebody to say the good and negative things about your personality? Well, I think the answer is yes. And what do most of us say, one positive thing and a lot of negative things.

Like I just said we only will say a few positive things and more negative things. But why can we only come up with a few positive things? Like I said in my older post we care about what others think of us. We always paint ourselves negatively.
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People around you.

Looking at other people and comparing yourself with them because your scared your not good enough for society. But why do we compare ourselves with other people.

Ever noticed yourself comparing with other people because you were afraid that people wouldn’t like you because of your looks. You always think that someone else is looking prettier than you.

At some moments you look at yourself in the mirror, maybe in underwear or in all your clothes. What do you see? Continue reading


Ever had the feeling you’re depending too much on a person. Or that you’re annoying people with talking to them. Scared of speaking your mind to them. Keeping everything inside cuz you don’t want to bother people with your problems. You’re always thinking that you can handle everything on your own, but still wants to have a little help if you’re really honest with yourself.

If we care about someone, most time at a young age, you will depent on that someone. You want to share everything but still feel like you’re bothering that person. You know that someone cares for you aswell, but you’ve got the feeling that you care more about that person. Continue reading

Scared of…

You know life is full of changes, aren’t you ever scared that those changes will flip you whole life around. Like maybe you will lose the most important people in your life. Or maybe you will get sick, and never will be 100%┬áhealthy again. Doesn’t that make you scared of life..

We are the writers of our own story, but we can’t make the other people do what we want. So we are not in control of what can happen in our life. You will have to make decisions. Decisions on all kind of things, who you will make friends with, if you will do a certain thing or maybe about the love of your life.


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