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People around you.

Looking at other people and comparing yourself with them because your scared your not good enough for society. But why do we compare ourselves with other people.

Ever noticed yourself comparing with other people because you were afraid that people wouldn’t like you because of your looks. You always think that someone else is looking prettier than you.

At some moments you look at yourself in the mirror, maybe in underwear or in all your clothes. What do you see? Continue reading


Mood Swings

You’re finally feeling happy after a tough day and suddenly your whole mood changes. You’re feeling sad again, but for what. One moment you feel happy and the other moment you feel sad.

When you feel good, you’ve got the feeling that nothing can stop you anymore. You feel at your best.
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We all get judged sometimes, and we judge other people without thinking about it. We make nice comments, but we also make rude comments about people. Most of the time those rude comments are behind someone’s back. But when we do judge someone straight in their face, why don’t we think about the hurt we can bring to those people. We always think about what we want to say and not about what others will think about it.

When we have something nice to say to person, for example about their looks, we will say it straight to them. But on the other hand when we don’t like someone’s look we will gossip about it with our friends. Make fun of the person. But why? Why make fun of someone who maybe can’t do anything about how they look. Why don’t keep the comments to our self. We can’t close our mouth when we see something negative. We want to open our mouth and talk about it. With some things that’s good, but sometimes you really have to think before you speak. Continue reading


We all want to look ”perfect” for the other people in our life. But what is perfect? Every person has got an own image in his head of perfect. We can all define the perfect image of society. Society has created one image of what is perfect. Perfect for a girl is skinny, long blond hair, long legs and a beautiful face. And for a guy it is a fit body, strong muscles, good looking face and hair model that is in. Every year there is a new hair model that’s perfect. One year it is long hair, the other year it is short. We all try to fit the perfect image.

We all know that we aren’t really able to fit that perfect image. But how come we have that certain image of what perfect is. We all say it’s society it’s fold that we have an ideal image of perfect. But who is society, yes we are society. So than it is that we have created this perfect image. But not us individuals, no in my opinion it is businesses that have made this perfect image. Continue reading


You all know the word friend. Maybe just a school friend or a real friend. But what is a real friend? Is it somebody that you can talk to when you are in rough times or just someone that you only have fun with.

We all say that we have lots of friends. But when rough times are coming where are they? I think that when your in rough times your real friends will come out. Most of our ”friends” are just friends because they want to hear all the stuff so they can tell it behind your backA true friend is there for you when you need them. They can see it on your eyes when your not okay. They will not only ask if there is something wrong, but they will keep asking untill you tell them the truth. You can laugh and cry with them. Most of all you can trust them. You kinda feel like your friend is your soulmate. Not soulmate like your love soulmate. ┬áBut someone that really understands you. You can be yourself around them.

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