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Those conversation when you know someone is lying every single word. It makes you angry inside. It can be someone who is telling a story about what they have been through, when you were with them. The moment they are telling the story they are adding and overreacting things that you guys have been through. You always knew that, that person was an attention seeker. But this is an conformation for you. You now know that the person you always thought was honest, isn’t.

Not only the situation above honesty means a lot, it always means a lot. How would life be if everyone lied. Not only about small things, but about everything. Nothing would be fun any more. You don’t know when someone is telling the truth when someone is lying. You don’t trust any word they say. Continue reading



You all know the word friend. Maybe just a school friend or a real friend. But what is a real friend? Is it somebody that you can talk to when you are in rough times or just someone that you only have fun with.

We all say that we have lots of friends. But when rough times are coming where are they? I think that when your in rough times your real friends will come out. Most of our ”friends” are just friends because they want to hear all the stuff so they can tell it behind your backA true friend is there for you when you need them. They can see it on your eyes when your not okay. They will not only ask if there is something wrong, but they will keep asking untill you tell them the truth. You can laugh and cry with them. Most of all you can trust them. You kinda feel like your friend is your soulmate. Not soulmate like your love soulmate. ┬áBut someone that really understands you. You can be yourself around them.

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