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One day

Ever thought about that life could change in just one day? Everything in your life can turn 180c. One day you’re that kind of person and the other you’re a totally different person. Weird isn’t it? You change just by something that can happen around you. Well they say change is good.

So here is a story that changed my life in a day.

It all started 2 years ago. I came home mad, as usual. I was mad at my dad, I always was. My parents don’t live together. So I went to visit him, I can’t remember why I came home mad, but I know I asked my mom as a joke ‘do you have an other father for me?’ Her answer was I might have. I was kinda shocked, but then I started asking things. Like how could that happen and who it might be. Continue reading


Mood Swings

You’re finally feeling happy after a tough day and suddenly your whole mood changes. You’re feeling sad again, but for what. One moment you feel happy and the other moment you feel sad.

When you feel good, you’ve got the feeling that nothing can stop you anymore. You feel at your best.
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Scared of…

You know life is full of changes, aren’t you ever scared that those changes will flip you whole life around. Like maybe you will lose the most important people in your life. Or maybe you will get sick, and never will be 100%┬áhealthy again. Doesn’t that make you scared of life..

We are the writers of our own story, but we can’t make the other people do what we want. So we are not in control of what can happen in our life. You will have to make decisions. Decisions on all kind of things, who you will make friends with, if you will do a certain thing or maybe about the love of your life.


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