Ever had the feeling you’re depending too much on a person. Or that you’re annoying people with talking to them. Scared of speaking your mind to them. Keeping everything inside cuz you don’t want to bother people with your problems. You’re always thinking that you can handle everything on your own, but still wants to have a little help if you’re really honest with yourself.

If we care about someone, most time at a young age, you will depent on that someone. You want to share everything but still feel like you’re bothering that person. You know that someone cares for you aswell, but you’ve got the feeling that you care more about that person. Continue reading



We all get judged sometimes, and we judge other people without thinking about it. We make nice comments, but we also make rude comments about people. Most of the time those rude comments are behind someone’s back. But when we do judge someone straight in their face, why don’t we think about the hurt we can bring to those people. We always think about what we want to say and not about what others will think about it.

When we have something nice to say to person, for example about their looks, we will say it straight to them. But on the other hand when we don’t like someone’s look we will gossip about it with our friends. Make fun of the person. But why? Why make fun of someone who maybe can’t do anything about how they look. Why don’t keep the comments to our self. We can’t close our mouth when we see something negative. We want to open our mouth and talk about it. With some things that’s good, but sometimes you really have to think before you speak. Continue reading


We all want to look ”perfect” for the other people in our life. But what is perfect? Every person has got an own image in his head of perfect. We can all define the perfect image of society. Society has created one image of what is perfect. Perfect for a girl is skinny, long blond hair, long legs and a beautiful face. And for a guy it is a fit body, strong muscles, good looking face and hair model that is in. Every year there is a new hair model that’s perfect. One year it is long hair, the other year it is short. We all try to fit the perfect image.

We all know that we aren’t really able to fit that perfect image. But how come we have that certain image of what perfect is. We all say it’s society it’s fold that we have an ideal image of perfect. But who is society, yes we are society. So than it is that we have created this perfect image. But not us individuals, no in my opinion it is businesses that have made this perfect image. Continue reading

Scared of…

You know life is full of changes, aren’t you ever scared that those changes will flip you whole life around. Like maybe you will lose the most important people in your life. Or maybe you will get sick, and never will be 100%┬áhealthy again. Doesn’t that make you scared of life..

We are the writers of our own story, but we can’t make the other people do what we want. So we are not in control of what can happen in our life. You will have to make decisions. Decisions on all kind of things, who you will make friends with, if you will do a certain thing or maybe about the love of your life.


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You’re the person that always walks with her earphones in. Why? Because music is the escape in my your head. You can think of all things. Music can cheer you up when you feeling down or it is the thing that keeps you going when you don’t know what to do anymore.

For me music means litteraly everything. Everybody that I know always says you always have got your earphones in. They almost never see me without. On school, in classes or between classes most of the time I have got my earphones in.

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The one thing that really kills people on the inside is overthinking. Overthinking can lead to so much stuff. It can hurt yourself, it can hurt the people that you care about. But why do we even overthink. People overthink the smallest things. They can think about it the whole day, maybe even the whole week. Some people even longer, and maybe even get depressed because of it. The people that overthink know exactly what I am talking about.

i think woman overthink more than man. Of course you have men that overthink and are sensitive about things. But woman always seek things that aren’t even there. They look at certain situations and start thinking about what might happen if. Or what can happen if I do that. Woman get jealous easily, not only on their men, but also on other situations. They just find it hard to take things as they are.

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