Parents. Respect. Vacation.

Vacation has start. But what do teenager do in their vacation. Right, working. That is al that we have to get our money. If we don’t work, we will be broke. And we can’t effort that haha. But luckily we have got parents, who will always be there for us in hard times.

We love to have vacation. Sun, tan, beach, drinking and party. We will hang with our friends. Chat up with them. Maybe meet our lovers or just a summer love.

But what is the best thing about vacation, relaxing. And the bad thing. We have to work and get up early. But we will do it, so we can pay for the best things to do in our vacations.

Some people always nag about working and that you have parents who should pay things. But we forget one thing. Our parents have paid for us for like 16/18 years. They do our laundry and that kind of stuff. We should be thankful for our parents.

Always have respect for your parents, no matter what!


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