One day

Ever thought about that life could change in just one day? Everything in your life can turn 180c. One day you’re that kind of person and the other you’re a totally different person. Weird isn’t it? You change just by something that can happen around you. Well they say change is good.

So here is a story that changed my life in a day.

It all started 2 years ago. I came home mad, as usual. I was mad at my dad, I always was. My parents don’t live together. So I went to visit him, I can’t remember why I came home mad, but I know I asked my mom as a joke ‘do you have an other father for me?’ Her answer was I might have. I was kinda shocked, but then I started asking things. Like how could that happen and who it might be.

The next day at school I told my best friend. We only talked about that man and we were looking things up. If maybe we could find anything about him. We only could find his company. For the rest of the people I closed my mouth. Nobody needed to know this, only the people I really trusted.

I asked my mom a few months later to contact the man, who might be my dad. They got in contact, but then a lot of things happens to me around that time. I wasn’t sure if I could handle all the things about founding out if he was really my dad. I got diabetes and had my exams. It was a bit much at the age of 16. So we didn’t contacted anymore. And yeah that was harsh of us. But at that moment it seemed right.

This last year I started thinking a lot more about the change that I might have another dad. It made me kinda happy cuz he would be a real dad, that I never had before.

Two months ago, at the beginning of my summer vacation, I wrote a letter. I said who I was and that I wanted to find out if he was my dad. And asked if he was interested in that. I left my number at the bottom of the letter. So the day I did put it in his mailbox I was very nervous. I couldn’t think about anything else. I waited for a call. And when I didn’t expect the call, two days later, I was kinda shocked. He was kinda shocked as well by finding the letter, cuz he didn’t expect it at all. He said he also would love to find out if I was his daughter. So he said he would contact me at the end of summer vacation because he was going on vacation and had things with his work.

In August, the end of my vacation, I was just thinking about him. And just that moment he called that he wanted to meet. He wanted to meet me on the 19 of August at 8 o’clock. So when it was Monday it was the first time that I have seen him. It was a bit awkward at first because we didn’t know what to say. So we talked about what the next step would be. That step would be, a DNA test.

Next Wednesday he had an DNA test pack. We had to take DNA of our mouth and then let them dry. The only thing we could do now was wait. He ordered a test, so that we would have the results in 7 days or so. Those days were killing. We what’s app a lot. We were having the same nerves at that time. We talked about what if he was my dad and also what if he wasn’t. To be honest if he wasn’t we both would be sad.

Officially we would get the results on the 9th of September. But he called them if it might be possible to get them earlier. The results would go online on the website. He would try to get the results on Friday or Saturday. So those days were killing. On Friday we both expected not to get the results, so Saturday we would expect them. The whole day we both were nervous as hell. I couldn’t think of anything else. But at the time of 3 I already thought we wouldn’t have the results. But just a few minutes later my possible dad called, he said you’re my daughter. At that moment I couldn’t think it was true. But it was.

Now everything was real the person I thought who was my dad for 17 years wasn’t. I had an other father. That Saturday after I heard the results I immediately called my mom and my aunt. They were the person who needed to know it at first. They were and still are both happy for me. At the night my real dad called to asked when I would came to meet his wife and my little brother. So I said I would be able to come the next day after my work.

So Sunday night I went to their house. It felt all a bit strange. But they were warm and welcoming. I never expected that. They still are very welcoming btw. So we talked about things, my reaction, life etc. My dad said he wanted me around everyday if it was up to him, but he knows that isn’t possible yet.


Now two weeks later I come there three or four times a week. I know a bit more about them everyday. My dad is so lovely to me. I never had this before, a dad like this, so this is so new to me. My little brother is a bmx driver. He is totally in love with his sport. So I decided to watch one of his trainings last week. It was cool to see but it wouldn’t want to do it myself. Last Friday we, my dad, brother and I, went to the movie White House Down. It was a lovely experience to go away with my dad and brother.

Now that I think back at the person who I thought was my dad, I now know exactly why we didn’t have any connection at all. Of course this all is still weird, but in a positive way.

My biological dad missed a lot from my life. We can’t undo things and we can’t rewind the 17 years, but we can built our own future. He will be my dad and I will be his little girl.

We will see what life will bring me and my new family. I know have two family’s, real family’s. And now I’m sure who is my real dad, that was the most important thing. I’m glad everything turned out this way. It still is weird, but all the pieces fall together now. So you see life can change in one day!


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