Talking about yourself.

Ever got the question from somebody to say the good and negative things about your personality? Well, I think the answer is yes. And what do most of us say, one positive thing and a lot of negative things.

Like I just said we only will say a few positive things and more negative things. But why can we only come up with a few positive things? Like I said in my older post we care about what others think of us. We always paint ourselves negatively.

A lot of people found it hard the explain their feelings. But also find it hard to put in words how their personality is. We have certain feelings in our head but we don’t really know how to express them in words.

Our personality is also a little hard to explain to people, because when you talk to positive you’re scared that they are thinking that you found your self a really good person. But when you only talk negative they will say they you aren’t like that and stuff. But they may also think then that you’re an attention seeker to hear positive things about yourself.

One way or an other we are always scared of what people mind think of us when we are expressing ourselves. We need to learn to see positive things about ourselves and not only mention the negative things. People will always remember the negative things about you and mention those, but why never mention the positive things. It will help you to be more confident by telling who you really are.

Try to find al the positive things about you and not always remember the negative stuff about yourself. People like to hear positive things. It is good if you’re are positive about yourself, but also that you know your flaws. Your flaws are the things that make you you!


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