People around you.

Looking at other people and comparing yourself with them because your scared your not good enough for society. But why do we compare ourselves with other people.

Ever noticed yourself comparing with other people because you were afraid that people wouldn’t like you because of your looks. You always think that someone else is looking prettier than you.

At some moments you look at yourself in the mirror, maybe in underwear or in all your clothes. What do you see? Yes you’re looking at yourself to find mistakes. You are comparing yourself with the people around you in the mirror.

The people around you always say that you look good. You’re wondering how they can’t see all your ”mistakes” that you are noticing about yourself. How is it possible they can’t see thoose things?

Now you’re at the point you’re wondering how you look from someone else there point of view. Do you really look so different in someone else their eyes comparing them with yourself? What are those eyes seeing in me what I can’t see myself, are the things that you are thinking about.

Well we all need to stop comparing ourselves. Yes that’s easy to say, hard to do. The people around you will always be prettier in your eyes and they probably will found you prettier. Everybody feels insecure about them self sometimes. We can’t be perfect. And who really wants to perfect. Yes everybody, but for society, we need to be perfect for ourselves not for others.

Love yourself the way you are. Like Jessie J always says.

Nobody is perfect.

And Demi Lovato’s quote.

Love is louder than the pressure of being perfect.


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