Those conversation when you know someone is lying every single word. It makes you angry inside. It can be someone who is telling a story about what they have been through, when you were with them. The moment they are telling the story they are adding and overreacting things that you guys have been through. You always knew that, that person was an attention seeker. But this is an conformation for you. You now know that the person you always thought was honest, isn’t.

Not only the situation above honesty means a lot, it always means a lot. How would life be if everyone lied. Not only about small things, but about everything. Nothing would be fun any more. You don’t know when someone is telling the truth when someone is lying. You don’t trust any word they say.

Not trusting any one is one of the hardest things. But most of all when you can’t be honest to your own friends or people that mean much to you. You want a friendship or band with someone who you can be totally open with, without being judged. We most of the time keep things for ourselves cuz we are scared of being judged by the people we care about.


If I talk for myself, I never had a friendship were I felt I could be totally honest to someone. Mostly because I was scared of being judged by them. Or maybe they don’t care about what you say and just want to hear the story. But since short notice I have a band with someone I can be totally honest with, without being judged. And to be honest, I feels good, knowing that you won’t be judged by what you say.

Everything can be so messed up when can be honest and you have to lie or keep everything to yourself. Just because you know no one really cares. I hope all of you have someone you can be totally honest with, no matter what.


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