Mood Swings

You’re finally feeling happy after a tough day and suddenly your whole mood changes. You’re feeling sad again, but for what. One moment you feel happy and the other moment you feel sad.

When you feel good, you’ve got the feeling that nothing can stop you anymore. You feel at your best.

Everything is going good, no bad things are happening. You are hoping this feeling will last forever.

But then suddenly your whole mood turns around. You can’t even figure out the certain change. You feel terrible again and alone. That feeling of being on your own is the hardest. No one to talk to, cuz you don’t even know yourself why you feel sad.

We all have had this ones and probably even more than ones. But still it is something you won’t get used too. You just wish that you could express yourself better. Knowing why your mood suddenly changed.

It can be tough on some days, thoose sudden mood change.


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