Growing Up

“Yeah I’am grown up.” This is what a lot of people think when they are finally older. Most of the time when they going from teenager to older. But is it really that great being a grown-up?

When you’re eighteen nothing is for free anymore. You’re responsible for yourself. Pay your own bills and maybe you’re already living on your own. So that means that you have to do a house hold and you’re all by yourself.
We like being on our own. No parents that tell you what to do or when you have to go to bed. You can decide everything for yourself, nobody screaming or yelling when you’ve done something wrong. You can make mistakes without being judged about it. And most of all your free!

But if we are really honest and look back to our teenage or childhood life, we miss something. When you were a child your always wanted to grown up, but in your teenage years you released it wasn’t always fun growing up.

You were used that your parents did everything, they helped you with problems. Well as a little kid you didn’t have much problems, cuz everything was fun. But as a teenager you had to deal with a lot of things. You were learning to be on your own. You were becoming responsible for yourself. Your parents are letting go, step by step. It was some kind of relieve, but also heartbreaking.

The heartbreaking part about getting lose from your parents is that you don’t get the love you need sometimes. Most of the time because they think you don’t want to be that little kid anymore. But sometimes we do. The other thing about growing up is that you’re searching for reason for everything that happens, you’re becoming a over-thinker. Nothing fun about that. As a little kid you didn’t worry about anything. Life was nothing to worry about.

So growing up has positive things, but sometimes it has got negative things. But we can’t change anything about time. We will have to deal with. Think positive and don’t let negative stuff get to you.


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