Ever had the feeling you’re depending too much on a person. Or that you’re annoying people with talking to them. Scared of speaking your mind to them. Keeping everything inside cuz you don’t want to bother people with your problems. You’re always thinking that you can handle everything on your own, but still wants to have a little help if you’re really honest with yourself.

If we care about someone, most time at a young age, you will depent on that someone. You want to share everything but still feel like you’re bothering that person. You know that someone cares for you aswell, but you’ve got the feeling that you care more about that person.

It can be hard, depening on someone. You’ve got the feeling you’re less without that person. Eventhough it isn’t your love, it is someone you care about very much. You don’t want to see that someone get hurt, not even by him/herself. You’re trying to not do anything wrong.

When you’ve got the feeling you are doing someone wrong, you’re scared of losing that person over a fight. You don’t know how live would be without that person. That person gives you courage to do somethings or just be yourself. You don’t want to lose that in live.

You want to laugh and cry with that somebody. You never want to lose that person and never wants to see that person unhappy. You will feel the same because you two are the same with a lot of things. You understand each other.

Depending on a person is not nice. It can be with some things, but it is also hard to life with.



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