We all get judged sometimes, and we judge other people without thinking about it. We make nice comments, but we also make rude comments about people. Most of the time those rude comments are behind someone’s back. But when we do judge someone straight in their face, why don’t we think about the hurt we can bring to those people. We always think about what we want to say and not about what others will think about it.

When we have something nice to say to person, for example about their looks, we will say it straight to them. But on the other hand when we don’t like someone’s look we will gossip about it with our friends. Make fun of the person. But why? Why make fun of someone who maybe can’t do anything about how they look. Why don’t keep the comments to our self. We can’t close our mouth when we see something negative. We want to open our mouth and talk about it. With some things that’s good, but sometimes you really have to think before you speak.

Nobody is perfect, I know that, everybody makes mistakes in their lives and the good thing about making mistakes is that we learn from it. But if we think about judging people, what’s the reason of making someone feel miserable about their selves. Some people make fun of other people because they are not comfortable with them selves, they will make someone feel miserable because they feel it their selves. Some make fun of other people because they want to impress people, but why impress people by hurting another person.

Everybody has judged people in their life, but most of the time we never really spoke our minds to that person. You will gossip about it, you gossip about it with your friends and laugh about someone their looks, because they are dressed funny or something. But when we get older, out of our teenage lives, you start to realize you may hurt someone. Of course we can gossip with our friends, but we really need to start think more about the things we say to a person.

You never know what a person has gone through. Like we always say don’t judge me, before you’ve walked a mile in my shoes. You can’t tell on the outside what a person is dealing with in their live. Think about how you would feel if someone always says negative things about you. Your self esteem will go down, till you almost don’t have one anymore. Being comfortable with yourself is one of the most important things in live.

If you feel happy and you have a self esteem why bring someone else’s down by judging them right in their face. It definitely can hurt a person so much that they will start to hate themselves.



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