We all want to look ”perfect” for the other people in our life. But what is perfect? Every person has got an own image in his head of perfect. We can all define the perfect image of society. Society has created one image of what is perfect. Perfect for a girl is skinny, long blond hair, long legs and a beautiful face. And for a guy it is a fit body, strong muscles, good looking face and hair model that is in. Every year there is a new hair model that’s perfect. One year it is long hair, the other year it is short. We all try to fit the perfect image.

We all know that we aren’t really able to fit that perfect image. But how come we have that certain image of what perfect is. We all say it’s society it’s fold that we have an ideal image of perfect. But who is society, yes we are society. So than it is that we have created this perfect image. But not us individuals, no in my opinion it is businesses that have made this perfect image.
When we take a look at all the magazines that have came out and take a closer look at the covers of those magazine, what do we see. Yes we see all those skinny girls, with a beautiful face. Or a boy with the fittest body. So when we open magazines what do we see, commercials of more skinny girls and fit boys. Of course for the girls it isn’t a punishment to look at the fit body’s of the guys and for the guys it isn’t a punishment to look at the fit girls. But if the girls look at the girls they look at the image and start thinking ”woh I wished I did look that way” and if the guys look at the guys they probably will think by themselves ”I wish I did have those abs”.

So society did really created this perfect image. But how come that we can’t make our perfect image more important than the perfect of society. We need to not concentrate on the beautiful of society, because if we do that we will never found ourselves good looking. We all want to look perfect, if we are really honest to our selves. But we all know that we all have got complications on our body. We all see those complications on our own body as a really ugly thing. But maybe that one thing that you found ugly, does attract someone. Someone who might not wants that society perfect. But that that someone wants someone who is itself, and doesn’t want to fit the perfect.

An other thing that puts pressure on the teenager of being a perfect someone or having a perfect boy/girlfriend is our friends. Our friends got some kind of image in their heads of perfect and the moment that we will date someone that isn’t their perfect, your scared that they might say ugly things about your boy/girlfriend. But we need to learn to concentrate on what is important for ourselves and that is hard to do because you don’t want to disappoint your friends. But we don’t disappoint them, we disappoint ourselves. Because we are scared to open up about what your perfect is.
Luckily we are all individuals and can make choices of our own. We can create our own perfect, and ofcourse that perfect is a bit like the perfect of society. But in your head you’ve got a certain kind of person in your head that you would love the meet. A someone who is not like the perfect, maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t like the society perfect, but that person is perfect for you and is the most important thing in life.

But we can look perfect but are we a nice person than? If someone knows that he/she is good looking they will act like it, most of time. So A perfect face doesn’t mean a pretty heart. Not only the outside is important for a person. The outside is what attracts a person, but the inside is something that makes you like a certain person.


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