Scared of…

You know life is full of changes, aren’t you ever scared that those changes will flip you whole life around. Like maybe you will lose the most important people in your life. Or maybe you will get sick, and never will be 100% healthy again. Doesn’t that make you scared of life..

We are the writers of our own story, but we can’t make the other people do what we want. So we are not in control of what can happen in our life. You will have to make decisions. Decisions on all kind of things, who you will make friends with, if you will do a certain thing or maybe about the love of your life.


So we are the writers, and all the people we let in our life are the actors. But life isn’t like a movie. We can be the directors of our own lives, but not of the actors that are in it. We can’t say to them what to do, well we can, but we are not sure if they will listen to it. And I think life wouldn’t be fun if we could really plan everything. Surprises are good sometimes. But they can also be scared.

If I take a look at myself I am scared, scared of lonely, scared of changes, scared of regret. But being scared can be good, you will get a boost. A boost to make the best out of your life. You will try a lot to not let big changes come into life. You will have to make choices, choices to make the best out of it. So with those choices you will have to take chances and with those chances, change will happen. It are the three C’s in life that can make life worth living or it can make your life one big hell to live in.


I think a lot of people know the song Scared of Lonely by Beyonce. If we take a closer look at the song, it is about missing your love. Well I listen the song, but I don’t listen to it because I’am scared to lose my lover. The lyrics part; And I’m scared of be the only shadow I see along a wall. And I’m scared of only heart beat, I hear a beating is my own. And I’m scared of been alone, I can’t see the breath when I am lost. What if, you will be left alone. That the people that you care about, will leave you and you will be left alone. Alone in the world, with no one to talk to. 

We all can be scared. Scared of people, animals, situations but maybe most of all scared of ourselves. Scared what we can do with ourselves. What are you scared of? Scared of the changes. Or scared of making choices. Scared you will make the wrong choice. You can never make a wrong choice. The choices you make, are the choices that make you feel good or maybe bad. But bad can also have good thing in the end!


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