You’re the person that always walks with her earphones in. Why? Because music is the escape in my your head. You can think of all things. Music can cheer you up when you feeling down or it is the thing that keeps you going when you don’t know what to do anymore.

For me music means litteraly everything. Everybody that I know always says you always have got your earphones in. They almost never see me without. On school, in classes or between classes most of the time I have got my earphones in.


Music is some kind of release for me. You can listen to it when you want, you can listen to anything you want. You just can do what you want. It is your own taste, you don’t have to listen to what other want.

For a lot of teenager music saved their live. Because some artist had make a song about being strong for example. If I look at myself, again, Demi Lovato’s music is a big inspiration for me. Everybody has hard times sometimes. She was the one that told her fans that when they were feeling alone, that they needed to put on her music, to know your not alone.


Music can also just be a thing were you can have fun with. When you’re going out it is the thing that makes you dance, you will dance like nobody is watching. Music can make certain moments unforgettable.

Music just gives a certain feeling to a certain moment. When you look at a movie and there is an sad song playing, you will feel sad because of the music. When the music is happy, you will feel the happiness inside. Music can put a smile on your face or it can make cry.

Music is for every person a different thing. Some like it and some don’t. Some like rock, some country and other rnb. Your taste of music speaks for you when words can. When someone would listen to your song that you have on repeat they will know how you feel. Or they will know were you are longing for.

Music means everything to me. What does music means for you?


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