The one thing that really kills people on the inside is overthinking. Overthinking can lead to so much stuff. It can hurt yourself, it can hurt the people that you care about. But why do we even overthink. People overthink the smallest things. They can think about it the whole day, maybe even the whole week. Some people even longer, and maybe even get depressed because of it. The people that overthink know exactly what I am talking about.

i think woman overthink more than man. Of course you have men that overthink and are sensitive about things. But woman always seek things that aren’t even there. They look at certain situations and start thinking about what might happen if. Or what can happen if I do that. Woman get jealous easily, not only on their men, but also on other situations. They just find it hard to take things as they are.


When I look at myself, and I am only a teenager, overthinking is something that controls my life. I am the type of girl that looks at every situations. I won’t say things, before I think about what can happen if I will say it. Sometimes after I sad something I regret things so much. And then I will think about it for a while. I will think about what if I didn’t say it. But yeah, it is something that belongs to my personality I guess.

Overthinking leads to negative thoughts, because you will start to think about things that aren’t even their. It ruins ever situation that you will come in to. It turns things around, because you never know when it is good that you think about certain things and when it doesn’t. So the only thing that overthinking leads to is ruining the situation.

The reason why we people overthink is because we care too much. We get obsessed by certain things. Most of the time it’s people we get obsessed by. We are scared to lose people in our life. People that we are care about. We are scared that we might say something wrong or something wrong. We are scared that we hurt the person. And when you hurt people, you are scared that they don’t want you in your life anymore. So we try to not too hurt the people we care about.


To me personal, I found it hard sometimes that I overthink this much. It is something that is controlling a part of life. I don’t only think about losing persons, I think about way more than that. It is hard dealing with it somedays. Because you know you’re an overthinker and that is not good. The thing that keeps of thinking a lot is music. Music is my escape for a lot of things.


3 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. imogenannabelle

    Hi, my name is immie! I do very similar posts like this! This sis all so true. I overthink and it gets me all worked up and upset! i’m sure this post has helped somebody. Please check out my blog and leave a comment? thanks x


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