Type of Guy

I think every girl has got a certain image in her head of her perfect boyfriend. How his eyes are, his smile, the way he dresses, the way he looks and most of all how his personality is. We all want that guy, but deep in our minds we know we will never find the ‘’perfect’’ boy.

Everywhere around us we see the beautiful guys. We see them on posters, magazines, the internet and blogs. We, girls, can look at them all day and wonder how it would be like to be with a guy like that. We all have that favorite guy pop artist. In our head we want to marry that guy, of course we all know that that is impossible. But still we imagine being with someone like that.

I think we all know the models from Abercrombie & Fitch. They always show up in their perfect underwear. They never wear a shirt. We don’t mind that, because we can look at their gorgeous body. You also have the models for underwear. The guys that are showing that are gorgeous. It’s just like they only exist in magazines. Sometimes it’s too good to be true. I think most of us girls all know the model, Francisco Lachowski. He just looks amazing. He has got the perfect body and face.

But we all know that all those guys we fancy can’t be reached by us girls. Still we are looking for those guys around us. But in our head we know we will not find those ‘’perfect’’  looking  guys. But what can we be looking for then? We all fancy one type of guy in our head. Maybe a guy with dark hair and blue eyes (okay maybe that’s to perfect to). But what I want to say is we all fancy that one type of guy.

When somebody would asked me what type of guys attracted me, I didn’t not really had an answer. For me it is important that he has a lovely personality, but we all know that when we see an ‘’unattractive’’ guy  we would not talk to him straight away. So we all look for a guy that looks great, perfect in his own way, and has a lovely personality. But those two things don’t match most of time. An extremely attractive guy knows from himself that he is good looking and he will act that way. A less attractive guy most of the time is sweet and caring.

So we all fancy a certain type of guy. We all know we will probably not find it, but still we look for it. We all want perfect, but we know that that not really exist. Of course perfect does exist, but it’s the perfect in our own way. We have a certain image of perfect in our head. For everybody that perfect is different.

Last week I found out what my type actually is. Like I said before I didn’t know the answer to that when somebody would ask me. But lately if I compare the guys that I found attractive. It are guys with  dark blond hair and light brown eyes and a fit body. He doesn’t have to have a sixpack, it would be nice though. He also needs to have a little tan. I want to feel free when I am with a boy, so that I can be myself. I want to be able to share everything with him. Good times and bad times.

Of course I still fancy the ‘’perfect’’ guy in front of me. My perfect guy would have a super fit body, a cute face, but manly looking. Maybe a little bit of beard grown. Not too much, but a little bit. Not every guy can have face grown hair, because not every guy looks good with it. He would have nice ocean deep blue eyes and dark brown hair. His hair needs to be in a perfect model. Maybe a bit like the One Direction band member, Zayn Malik.

So what type of guy do you fancy? And what type guy do you think you will be able to have?


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