We all want to feel happy. But what is happiness. How does it feel like? Do we walk with a smile whole day? Or do we have a special feeling inside? I think happiness is different for every person, but still a little bit the same.


We all want to be happy, even me. But to be honest I don’t even know how my happiness feels. I can walk with a smile and still don’t feel happy. I can have a good feeling inside, but still don’t feel happy.

I have no idea what my happiness is. Or how I could express it. I also do not really know what makes me really happy. Of course I have things that make me smile, but most of the time I think of a lot of things.

Everybody in the world is searching for happiness. Even the people, who we are think that are best in what they are doing. But why are we searching? Happiness doesn’t need to be find, it’s something that should overcome a person. Cuz when we are searching, were are we actually looking for. We can be searching in the wrong places.


But happiness is not something you have or don’t have, it is a state of mind. You can decide for yourself whether your happy or sad. And how happy or sad you are. You could have almost nothing in the world, but still have the happy feeling, or you could have almost everything but still feel sad.

Happiness is a personal feeling for everybody. Happiness could be a color or it could be about something you just bought. Happiness is you wondering about yourself, learning things. Happiness is certain moment in life. Happiness depends on you, no matter what others say or think.

You must understand that we all create happiness ourselves. Because happiness is what you feel when something happens that you always wanted to happen. When we don’t achieve the thing we want, we will feel unhappy.

Happiness is finding, feeling and knowing unconditional love.


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