Life of Pi

Last night I have been to the movie Life of Pi. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. I saw the trailer and my first thought was ”this is the titanic with animals”.

I know everybody is free in what they believe. Some people believe in God and others don’t. I respect the people that are believing. But I don’t believe in God. The movie started with things about God. That you first need to find God. You can find him in your own. Every religion is different. I had the idea that the whole movie would be about finding God in your own. I think you’re free in what you believe in and who you believe in.


The rest of the movie wasn’t really realistic. A human being on a boat with a tyger. And the guy, named Pi, knew how to surivive on sea with a tyger. Pi was scared but he was a fighter. I have to be honest it was very nice to see the tiger, in my opinion tygers are beautiful creatures.

Ofcourse the movie does make you think about things. Especially of being a human and the way you are living your life. Everybody lives their life in their own way. You will start to think about God and just how your are to people. That things can look real but just aren’t. You know by seeing this movie, you never should lose hope. Because without hope you will never make it. Life can be hard. You will come in difficult situations. Everyday is different, every situation is different and most of all, all the people you will meet are different.



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