I think most of all us people have ones made the mistake by trusting the wrong person. Maybe you always thought you will never trust the wrong person, that you knew who you really could trust. But life proved you wrong.

When you’re young you do not really think about who you can trust and who you can’t. You just tell what you want and to who you want. You don’t think about what they will tell and to who.

But ones your older you are starting to release nobody can be really trusted. Someone will always say that you can trust them, but when you really get to know somebody you realise you can’t. You will notice that they only want to hear the things and do not really carr about what you are really saying.

It’s hard to find out who truly can trust. Like my other post said, you have enough friends that you can count on one hand. That are mostly the ones that you can really trust.

How we most of the time found out who we can trust, is by backstabbing. You don’t want to get back stabbed but you will get when the person you think you can trust, can be really trusted. The person that you can really trust, also trust you. They will tell their secrets to you and you can tell yours.


Because of the fact that we get back stabbed makes us don’t trust easly. Its hard for us trusting someone. You will look at the situation for a while. Tell a few things to the people you think you may can trust. Not going in to the details but just the basic things. Ones you’re a bit sure, that you can trust that someone, you will tell things more in details. After a while you will see that that person really can be trusted, you will see that the person cares about you.


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