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You’re the person that always walks with her earphones in. Why? Because music is the escape in my your head. You can think of all things. Music can cheer you up when you feeling down or it is the thing that keeps you going when you don’t know what to do anymore.

For me music means litteraly everything. Everybody that I know always says you always have got your earphones in. They almost never see me without. On school, in classes or between classes most of the time I have got my earphones in.

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The one thing that really kills people on the inside is overthinking. Overthinking can lead to so much stuff. It can hurt yourself, it can hurt the people that you care about. But why do we even overthink. People overthink the smallest things. They can think about it the whole day, maybe even the whole week. Some people even longer, and maybe even get depressed because of it. The people that overthink know exactly what I am talking about.

i think woman overthink more than man. Of course you have men that overthink and are sensitive about things. But woman always seek things that aren’t even there. They look at certain situations and start thinking about what might happen if. Or what can happen if I do that. Woman get jealous easily, not only on their men, but also on other situations. They just find it hard to take things as they are.

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Pretty Little Liars

Ever wondered if the people you know are really who they are. We all wonder sometimes by some people if they truly their self. Are they pretending, so that they can belong to some kind of population? Or are they just scared to be them self? We will never know if someone really is who they say they are.

A while ago a friend of mine started to talk about a series called ”Pretty Little Liars”. I could not watch it on TV so if I would want to watch it, I needed to go watching it on the pc. So when they told me about it I was to lazy too look it up. But a few months ago I saw so many post on Tumblr of Pretty Little Liars that I thought now is the time I need to look it. So I looked it up and guess what..I liked it so much, I just couldn’t stop watching it. Now I am a Pretty Little Liars addict.

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Type of Guy

I think every girl has got a certain image in her head of her perfect boyfriend. How his eyes are, his smile, the way he dresses, the way he looks and most of all how his personality is. We all want that guy, but deep in our minds we know we will never find the ‘’perfect’’ boy.

Everywhere around us we see the beautiful guys. We see them on posters, magazines, the internet and blogs. We, girls, can look at them all day and wonder how it would be like to be with a guy like that. We all have that favorite guy pop artist. In our head we want to marry that guy, of course we all know that that is impossible. But still we imagine being with someone like that. Continue reading


We all want to feel happy. But what is happiness. How does it feel like? Do we walk with a smile whole day? Or do we have a special feeling inside? I think happiness is different for every person, but still a little bit the same.


We all want to be happy, even me. But to be honest I don’t even know how my happiness feels. I can walk with a smile and still don’t feel happy. I can have a good feeling inside, but still don’t feel happy. Continue reading

Life of Pi

Last night I have been to the movie Life of Pi. I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. I saw the trailer and my first thought was ”this is the titanic with animals”.

I know everybody is free in what they believe. Some people believe in God and others don’t. I respect the people that are believing. But I don’t believe in God. The movie started with things about God. That you first need to find God. You can find him in your own. Every religion is different. I had the idea that the whole movie would be about finding God in your own. I think you’re free in what you believe in and who you believe in. Continue reading


I think most of all us people have ones made the mistake by trusting the wrong person. Maybe you always thought you will never trust the wrong person, that you knew who you really could trust. But life proved you wrong.

When you’re young you do not really think about who you can trust and who you can’t. You just tell what you want and to who you want. You don’t think about what they will tell and to who.

But ones your older you are starting to release nobody can be really trusted. Someone will always say that you can trust them, but when you really get to know somebody you realise you can’t. You will notice that they only want to hear the things and do not really carr about what you are really saying. Continue reading