Parents. Respect. Vacation.

Vacation has start. But what do teenager do in their vacation. Right, working. That is al that we have to get our money. If we don’t work, we will be broke. And we can’t effort that haha. But luckily we have got parents, who will always be there for us in hard times.

We love to have vacation. Sun, tan, beach, drinking and party. We will hang with our friends. Chat up with them. Maybe meet our lovers or just a summer love.

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One day

Ever thought about that life could change in just one day? Everything in your life can turn 180c. One day you’re that kind of person and the other you’re a totally different person. Weird isn’t it? You change just by something that can happen around you. Well they say change is good.

So here is a story that changed my life in a day.

It all started 2 years ago. I came home mad, as usual. I was mad at my dad, I always was. My parents don’t live together. So I went to visit him, I can’t remember why I came home mad, but I know I asked my mom as a joke ‘do you have an other father for me?’ Her answer was I might have. I was kinda shocked, but then I started asking things. Like how could that happen and who it might be. Continue reading

Talking about yourself.

Ever got the question from somebody to say the good and negative things about your personality? Well, I think the answer is yes. And what do most of us say, one positive thing and a lot of negative things.

Like I just said we only will say a few positive things and more negative things. But why can we only come up with a few positive things? Like I said in my older post we care about what others think of us. We always paint ourselves negatively.
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People around you.

Looking at other people and comparing yourself with them because your scared your not good enough for society. But why do we compare ourselves with other people.

Ever noticed yourself comparing with other people because you were afraid that people wouldn’t like you because of your looks. You always think that someone else is looking prettier than you.

At some moments you look at yourself in the mirror, maybe in underwear or in all your clothes. What do you see? Continue reading


Those conversation when you know someone is lying every single word. It makes you angry inside. It can be someone who is telling a story about what they have been through, when you were with them. The moment they are telling the story they are adding and overreacting things that you guys have been through. You always knew that, that person was an attention seeker. But this is an conformation for you. You now know that the person you always thought was honest, isn’t.

Not only the situation above honesty means a lot, it always means a lot. How would life be if everyone lied. Not only about small things, but about everything. Nothing would be fun any more. You don’t know when someone is telling the truth when someone is lying. You don’t trust any word they say. Continue reading

Growing Up

“Yeah I’am grown up.” This is what a lot of people think when they are finally older. Most of the time when they going from teenager to older. But is it really that great being a grown-up?

When you’re eighteen nothing is for free anymore. You’re responsible for yourself. Pay your own bills and maybe you’re already living on your own. So that means that you have to do a house hold and you’re all by yourself.
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